Friday, 7 October 2011

Nunnington Hall

Following my post from yesterday( on the Yorkshire Life Facebook Page), I would like to elaborate on my somewhat sketchy remarks about my visit to Nunnington Hall. I visit quite a few establishments of this ilk, and it is very rare I can tick all the boxes. My primary reason for my visit was to see the photography exhibition 'The Photographers'. This for me was an opportunity, without having to travel to a major city, to view remarkable work by iconic photographers, names such as Norman Parkinson, Elliott Erwitt, Terry O'Niell, Martin Parr, Eve Arnold, Cecil Beaton and the 'Rat Pack' of photography David Bailey, Terence Donovan and Brian Duffy. The atmosphere of the Hall itself is very relaxed and viewing the rooms is a delight, made even more interesting by volunteers ever ready to answer questions in a pleasant ..even jovial manner. Whilst roaming from room to room  tempting food smells drifted down the corridors tempting you towards the tea room…it was irresistable and decided to have lunch on the premises. We have over the years eaten in many country houses,museums and galleries and have been mostly disappointed. On this occasion however that was not the case, we ordered soup and a sandwich, the soup was a very tasty homemade tomato & lentil, the sandwich; roast beef and horseradish made with fresh granary bread. I also made a note of other peoples meals for further reference, there was a stew on the next table which looked and smelt superb. The icing on the cake (almost literally) was that since we had purchased a main meal I was entitled to a free pudding (I believe October only) I chose a summer fruit crumble and custard… which was top notch. All in all a very satisfying visit and will be looking out and forward to my next visit. My compliments  and thanks to all of the staff……Paul Anthony Wilson.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Photographic Exhibition....if you are in the ..... Paul Anthony Wilson. North by NorthEast is a selection of images from a larger body of Work, with a predominant North East connection.  This is a collection of  moody fine art landscapes, which contast starkly with some absurd  almost wacky creations.   Northumberland, Tyneside, North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire feature mainly with a few wild cards thrown in.


Slimming is overrated...

So I'm overweight..
Clothes won't fit..
won't go out, coz clothes won't fit..
Great idea!...GO ON A DIET!!
become miserable..
but start to lose weight..!
feel encouraged, let's go for it..
actually lose weight ..!
Shopping.. for new clothes to go out in..
GO OUT, YEAH!!!!!!
drink loads..
eat loads..
put a few pounds back on..
clothes won't fit..
won't go out, coz clothes won't fit..
why bother?

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I'm New to this...

So I thought I would start with a description of myself.....If I were to describe myself it would go something like this: I'm a cross between Robert Capa, Billy Liar and Dennis The Menace, an amazing photographer with plenty of self confidence, a very high opinion of myself, live in a fantasy world of my own and have an enormous mouth that regularly gets me into trouble. I ramble uncontrollably on about everything, grumble about anything and am convinced the whole world is against me. Tom Courtenay was magnificent as Billy Fisher in the film 'Billy Liar' by the way. So to re-cap..... I am a 5'9" (and a half) addonis with flowing hair, handsome, quick witted, have a terrific sense of humour, you could say totally delusional even paranoid, but well balanced with a chip on both shoulders! Absurd is that?