Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I'm New to this...

So I thought I would start with a description of myself.....If I were to describe myself it would go something like this: I'm a cross between Robert Capa, Billy Liar and Dennis The Menace, an amazing photographer with plenty of self confidence, a very high opinion of myself, live in a fantasy world of my own and have an enormous mouth that regularly gets me into trouble. I ramble uncontrollably on about everything, grumble about anything and am convinced the whole world is against me. Tom Courtenay was magnificent as Billy Fisher in the film 'Billy Liar' by the way. So to re-cap..... I am a 5'9" (and a half) addonis with flowing hair, handsome, quick witted, have a terrific sense of humour, you could say totally delusional even paranoid, but well balanced with a chip on both shoulders! Absurd is that?

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